2014 Regatta News

A 1965 Champion Rows His Second HOCR

By Eva Maldonado Published on October 19, 2014

Larry Fogelberg’s first experience with the inaugural Regatta in 1965 couldn’t have been more different than the extravaganza it is today.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” he says, a modest statement considering he was the champion in that race. Fogelberg was the first winner of the regatta’s lightweight singles; his time of 19.54 earned him a Head Of The Charles Best for any singles competition. …




Alte Achter Competes for the Final Time?

By Bailey Knecht Published on October 19, 2014

Pre-race jitters are a thing of the past for the seasoned Alte Achter Boat Club. The team competed in its 43rd Head Of The Charles Regatta on Saturday in the Senior Master Men’s Eights 50+ race. Nerves did not appear to be a concern as they readied to launch from the Harvard’s Newell Boathouse on Saturday morning, as the members of Alte Achter meandered around the Newell dock with their families before the race, telling stories and laughing…



Perfect Blend of Power and Style

By  Scotty Schenck Published on October 19, 2014

Fluid, dynamic, and agile: If you have seen Martin and Valent Sinkovic, you would know that these words describe their rowing technique. The Croatian duo not only won the 2014 World Rowing Championship for men’s double sculls in Amsterdam, but also set a world best for doubles, 5:59.72. The time sent a buzz through the rowing world, and made their appearance in Saturday’s championships doubles one of the most anticipated races on the 2014 Head Of The Charles calendar…



Enhancing the Experience for Fans and Rowers

Video Report by Emily Huizenga and Audrey Adam Published on October 19, 2014

Some fans pick their viewing spot so they will be within earshot of a P.A. speaker. Some racers hear their names over the loudspeaker and get a sudden burst of energy knowing the fans on the shore are hearing their name. The race announcers for the Head Of The Charles Regatta bring another dimension to the Head Of The Charles experience. Reporters Emily Huizenga spoke with Ellen Minzner, chair of the Regatta announcing committee, and filed this report…



Head Of The Charles Regatta Plans Historic Programming To Celebrate 50th Race

50th Gala and History Exhibit highlight celebration; Pinsent and Farooq to speak at Gala dinner

Cambridge, MA; 7/14/2014

The Head Of The Charles® Regatta (HOCR), the world’s largest two-day rowing competition, will celebrate its 50th race this October, a milestone that the Regatta will commemorate with exciting, inspiring events and offerings. Prominent among them is the HOCR 50th Gala Dinner with an anticipated 700 guests; a 50th documentary exploring the Regatta, which has captivated rowers and spectators alike since 1965; and a 50th History Exhibit, to be located upstream of the Eliot Bridge, near Hospitality Row…



The Head Of The Charles Regatta Donates $30,000 to Support the 2014 US National Rowing Teams

The National Rowing Foundation is pleased to announce that the Head Of The  Charles Regatta has agreed to donate $30,000 to support the United States  National Team in its quest for gold at the 2014 World Rowing  Championships,  2014 World Rowing Under 23 Championships and 2014 World Rowing Junior  Championships. These funds will be used to support each of the elite programs at  the senior and Para-Rowing, under 23 and junior levels…


Heavyweight Great 8 Has Too Much Firepower

By Bri Hollis Published on October 19, 2014

They say practice makes perfect, but there are times when even the most practiced and cohesive of teams fall short when faced against an uncanny display of raw talent.

Such was the case with the Men’s Championship Eights victory this year, as the Great Eight out of Craftsbury Rowing Center successfully combined a group of distinguished international scullers that tailored its technique to sweep its way to victory…


Andrew Campbell Stuns Field, Self, with Course Record Time

By Maggie Quick Published on October 19, 2014

The Head Of The Charles has a hometown hero in Andrew Campbell, the winner of the men’s championship singles. Even though this was his first time racing in the event at the Regatta, the Cambridge Boat Club sculler managed to break the course record of 17:12.313 set by Norwegian Kjetil Borch last year by almost a full second…


Museum Quality Exhibit Tells Story of First 50 Years

Video Report By Julia Guilardi Published on October 19, 2014

One of the weekend’s most popular attractions has been the museum exhibit chronicling the history of the Regatta’s first 50 years, located at the finish line area next to the popular Brooks Brothers, New Balance and Swiss Army tents…


New Video Celebrates 50 Years

A new one-hour documentary chronicling the history and unique character of the Head Of The Charles had its premiere at Saturday’s 50th Regatta Gala…


Rowing World Gathers to Fete HOCR

Video Report by Audrey Adam and Emily Huizenga Published on October 21, 2014

The Buckingham Browne and Nichols school gymnasium welcomed rowing pedigree from every corner of the globe on Saturday night, gathered the celebrate the 50th Head of the Charles with a lavish gala…



Two Boats of International Scullers to Challenge Sweep Boats

By Matthew MacCormack | Published on October 17, 2014

The Head Of The Charles men’s Championship Eights is always one of the Regatta’s featured races, even more so in the years when some of the world’s best scullers jump into a sweep boat and continue the tradition of the “Great Eight…”


A New Book Explores the Colorful Culture of Rowing Blazers

By Madeleine Whittier Published on October 18, 2014

Jack Carlson’s new book, Rowing Blazers, makes the stylish suggestion that if clothes make the man, then blazers make the rower…


Shoveling Their Way to the HOCR

By Bri Hollis | Published on October 18, 2014

Spending pre-dawn mornings shoveling snow around campus in the wintertime, Grand Valley State University rowing team members keep warm with thoughts of the Head of the Charles…


The BB1: One Unique Rowing Shell

By Madeleine Whittier Published on October 19, 2014

Brooks Brothers, the iconic American brand, and Fluidesign, a renowned boat maker from London, Ontario, have teamed up to create an impressive addition to HOCR history. The pair’s tribute to the 50th anniversary of The Head Of The Charles Regatta is a very unique lightweight single shell…


D’Arcy MacMahon Returns to Starting Line for 50th HOCR

By Bailey Putnam Published on October 19, 2014

“D’Arcy’s putting on the hometown push. Boy, does he know this course.” A voice boomed over the loudspeaker as D’Arcy MacMahon glided under the Eliot Bridge onto the final stretch of the Head Of The Charles Regatta…


Many-Time Champion Jim Dietz Has Rowed in 49 of 50 HOCRs

By Andrew MacDougall Published on October 21, 2014

A 50-year love affair between Jim Dietz and the Head of the Charles Regatta began with the most inconvenient of circumstances.

In 1965, as a 15-year-old sculler for the New York Athletic Club, Dietz and a handful of teammates packed into a ’56 Chevy on Columbus Day weekend and shipped up to Boston…


 The Mysterious Mr. Attager

By Erica Moser Published on October 18, 2014

When it was discovered that rowers were not eligible to be in the race in which they competed, Charles Attager disqualified them. When rowers grumbled that their late entries were not accepted, Charles Attager was the scapegoat. When D’Arcy MacMahon’s phone started ringing…


The Volunteers Nobody Wants to Meet

By Erica Moser Published on October 20, 2014

Eight years ago, a Chinese team rowing in the Head Of The Charles Regatta hit another boat, kept rowing and ended up sinking.

“The boat had hit the rear of another eight, and it didn’t appear to be anything major or serious, but it must’ve cracked the bow,” said Skip Farkas, co-chair of Regatta’s emergency services committee, and volunteer representative from the American Red Cross of Massachusetts…


1965 Champions Return for 50th

Maggie Quick Published on October 18, 2014

On Saturday, Oct. 16, 1965, four young friends from Philadelphia’s Penn AC Rowing Association raced in the senior four at the first Head Of The Charles Regatta when their coach could not pull together an eight. None of them knew what to expect in a head race. And when the race was over, none of them thought they had beaten Harvard University, but they had…


Using Rowing to Overcome Life’s Biggest Challenges: Two Stories of Survival

Finish Line Marks Triumph Over Breast Cancer

By Kiran Jivnani  Published on October 19, 2014

When Ami Mehr, a young mom from Upton, learned she had breast cancer in May, she resolved that cancer would not dictate the terms of her life. When she was diagnosed, she set one goal that would get her through her hardship—rowing in the 50th Head of the Charles Regatta…

When a Stroke Leaves You With One Good Arm, You Can Still Row in Circles

By Matthew MacCormack  Published on October 19, 2014

Steve Maloney stands on the banks of the Charles River, eyes fixed on the stream of rowers that cruise across the murky waters. There is a passion and excitement in his voice as he watches boat after boat power through the final stretch of the course…



Scullers Once Again Dominate Sweepers

By Emily McCarthy Published on October 19, 2014

On Saturday, they were eight scullers from eight different countries who journeyed to the 50th Head Of The Charles Regatta to compete in championship singles and doubles events…


Gevvie Stone Returns to Winner’s Circle

By Miharu Sugie  Published on October 19, 2014

The stakes were high for Boston’s four-time champion Gevvie Stone yesterday afternoon.

Last year, Stone lost the women’s championship singles to California Rowing Club’s Kate Bertko by only two seconds…


When Rivals Become Friends

By Emily McCarthy | Published on October 17, 2014

Few boats will better epitomize the spirit of the 50th Head Of The Charles Regatta than this year’s edition of the women’s Great Eight. This championship eight boat that brings together eight rowers and a coxswain from eight different countries, each boasting a rowing résumé brimming with accomplishments at the highest levels of the sport, embodies everything the Regatta stands for…


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