Private Hospitality

Private Hospitality Opportunities

*There is very limited availability for private hospitality enclosures at the Head Of The Charles Regatta. For more information please contact: Mason Cox (617) 938-6416


  • Private Hospitality Tent
    • 30′ x 50′ private hospitality tent with 20′ x 20′ cook/catering prep tent, provided by the HOCR (sample photos)
      • One (1) 30′ x 50′ white frame tent, with clear roof sections TBD
      • 32′ x 52′ custom leveled tent floor
      • 32′ x 52′ black carpeting
      • One (1) 20′ x 20′ white frame tent, for catering operations
      • 22′ x 22′ custom leveled tent floor
      • One (1) 6′ x 10′ white frame tent, for entrance
      • One (1) 10′ x 10′ white frame tent to house restroom units
      • String lighting for main entertainment tent
    • Electricity provided by the HOCR
    • Dedicated site manager provided by the HOCR
    • Catering provided by Partner
    • Turn-key exterior branding/signage creation & installation provided at cost by the HOCR if required
    • Option upgrades include: Hardwood flooring, alternative carpet colors, restroom trailers, catering provided by the HOCR, etc…
  • Private Hospitality Location
    • Weeks Footbridge – private area downstream of the Weeks Footbridge near Harvard Square (map link)
    • Panoramic views looking downstream through the Powerhouse Stretch and upstream through the iconic Weeks Footbridge and Anderson Bridge
  • On-Site Exposure
    • Listing on a minimum of twenty (20) 39″ x 120″ mesh banners distributed along metal fencing in high-traffic locations along race course
    • One hundred (100) public address announcements over two (2) days scripted by Partner and read live by HOCR volunteer announcers
  • Event Publications
    • One (1) full-page color advertisement (produced by Partner) in the Official Regatta Digital Program (47,119 views in 2016)
    • Right to provide printed advertisement (not to exceed 8.5″ x 11″) for Athlete Registration Packets (2,250 total)