Subsidiary Medal Pick Up

All subsidiary medals (2nd place, 3rd place, etc., depending on the event size) will be available for pick up at the Attager Row tent from Noon to 5PM on Saturday, October 17 and 10AM to 6PM on Sunday, October 18. For crews, one representative may come pick up medals. For youth and collegiate programs, a coach must retrieve the medals. Please note subsidiary medals will not be awarded at the Award Ceremonies.

The number of subsidiary medals depends on the number of entries in the event:

1-9 Entries: up to 1st place awarded
10-19 Entries: up to 2nd place awarded
20-29 Entries: up to 3rd place awarded
30-39 Entries: up to 4th place awarded
40+ Entries: up to 5th place awarded

First Place Award Ceremonies

First place medals and special medals are distributed at the Head Of The Charles Awards Ceremonies at the Attager Row Tent.


Saturday, October 17

3:30 PM Ceremony

1 Senior-Veteran Men’s Singles I/II 70+
2 Veteran/Sr-Veteran Women’s Singles I/II 60+
3 Veteran Men’s Singles I/II 60+
4/5 Grand Master Singles 50+
6/7 Senior Master Eights 50+
8/9 Senior Master Fours 50+
10/11 Senior Master Doubles 50+
12/13 Senior Master Singles 40+
14/15 Alumni/Alumnae Eights
16/17 Club Fours
18/19 Club Eights
20/21 Master Fours 40+
22/23 Master Eights 40+

Championship Singles and Doubles will be awarded at the Drinks! on the Charles Reception at 7pm


Sunday, October 18

3:30 PM Ceremony

26/27 Collegiate Fours
DP Directors’ Challenge Parent/Child Doubles
DX Directors’ Challenge Mixed Doubles
30 Mixed Adaptive Fours
31 Mixed/Same Gender Adaptive Doubles
32a Club Men’s Singles
32b Youth Men’s Singles
33a Club Women’s Singles
33b Youth Women’s Singles
34 Youth Men’s Fours
QWom Directors’ Quad Women
35 Youth Men’s Eights
36/37 Masters Singles 30+
38/39 Youth Doubles
40/41 Lightweight Singles

4:30 PM Championship Eights Award Ceremony, presented by BNY Mellon

Awards for Events 48 & 49, the Men’s and Women’s Championship Eights, will be presented at the BNY Mellon Hospitality Tent.

This ceremony will also feature the presentation of the BNY Mellon Championship Cup, awarded to the fastest college crews in the Championship Eight Events.

5:30 PM Ceremony

42 Youth Women’s Fours
QMen Directors’ Quad Men
43 Youth Women’s Eights
44/45 Masters Doubles 40+
46/47 Championship Fours
QMix Directors’ Quad Mixed
50/51 Collegiate Eights
52/53 Lightweight Fours
54/55 Lightweight Eights


The Massachusetts Department of Conservation (DCR) Trophy

The MacMahon Cup Regatta Points Trophy

Medals and Trophies

Read about the storied medals and trophies of the Head Of The Charles Regatta HERE.