International Entry Application

In consideration of the unique logistical challenges faced by overseas crews, the Directors have instituted the following application process.

Crews from outside North America, at least 75% of which are non-US citizens residing abroad, are eligible to apply for early acceptance to accommodate their unique travel logistics. Please see complete rules below:

International Crew applications will be open beginning mid-March 2017.  The standard deadline for International Applications is May 1st. All applications after May 1 must pay a non-refundable $100 fee.  The late application deadline is June 1st, after which date applications will no longer be accepted.

The Regatta Directors will respond by mid-May with accepted entries. Any entries that are not accepted may be submitted through the lottery (Singles deadline: August 1; Doubles & Sweep Deadline: September 1).

Entry Fees for the 2017 Regatta are as follows:

      •  Singles: $130
      • Doubles: $260
      • Fours: $280
      • Eights: $525

Please fill out the form below to be notified when International Entry Application is available.