Pull for a Cure

The Pull for a Cure Challenge offers competitors in the Head Of The Charles the opportunity to use their participation in the Regatta as a platform to raise money for breast cancer research. All funds are collected through the Pull for a Cure website and go directly to the breast cancer research efforts of the American Cancer Society. Participation in Pull for a Cure has no bearing on entries or entry applications.


In the fall of 2009, Dan Aziz, a Brown University student and rower founded the Pull for a Cure challenge in honor of both his sister and his best friend’s mother victories against breast cancer. Using their competition at the Head Of The Charles® as a platform, Dan and the Brown Crew solicited donations from friends, family and classmates to support the fight against breast cancer. In just 6 short weeks, the Brown rowers raised over $25,000 to support the American Cancer Society’s® breast cancer research and patient support programs.

Running off massive momentum from 2009, Dan recruited Princeton, Yale, Penn State, and Holy Cross to take on the Challenge for 2010. The five crews raised more than $85,000.

In May 2011, Regatta staff began working closely with both Brown and the American Cancer Society team to incorporate Pull for a Cure with the HOCR, while remaining true to the original mission and the wishes of its founders. The 52nd Head Of The Charles is proud to support the bold and inspiring efforts of Dan Aziz, as well as the rest of the Brown crew, and to aid in promoting his initiative to the larger rowing community.

Register online here for the 2016 Pull for a Cure Challenge


Q. How do I register my team (or myself!) for Pull For a Cure?
A. Register with the American Cancer Society online here.

Q. Does participation in Pull for a Cure affect my entries?
A. No. Participation in Pull for a Cure will have no bearing on your entries.

Q. Is there a minimum donation?
A. No, there is no minimum donation required to participate

Q. My club has a large number of crews and scullers competing in the HOCR, but only a few want to raise money for Pull for a Cure. Does everyone from our club have to participate?
A. No, only those competitors interested in raising money need participate.

Q. If my crew participates in Pull for a Cure, can we change our Affiliation name to honor a victim of breast cancer and to promote our fundraising effort?
A. Yes. Crews may raise funds under a name unique from their USRowing affiliation. However, all HOCR competitors will still be recognized in all Regatta publications under their USRowing affiliation name.

HOCR/PFAC Event Info:

The Head Of The Charles is partnering with Pull for a Cure to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, a walk hosted by the America Cancer Society. All funds raised for Pull for a Cure benefit breast cancer research through the American Cancer Society and MSABC. Participants in Pull for a Cure compete in the Head Of The Charles in lieu of walking in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.


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