Rules and Regulations

2016 Official Rule Changes

Please check back for 2016 HOCR Rule Changes

Changes for the 2016 Regatta:

Club Eligibility


Rule 1.1 (H): Persons (coxswains included) not currently enrolled in high school, who, in any sculling or sweep-oared competition (para-rowing/masters/veteran competitions excepted), DID NOT in the current calendar year finish among the top three places in the women’s first varsity eight event (lightweight or open weight) at the Pac-12, Ivy League, Atlantic Coast (ACC), or Women’s Sprints.

Youth/Collegiate 2x Lineup Changes

Rule 2.1: College-Championship Doubles (Special Medal within the Championship Doubles events) and Youth Doubles applications must be made by the institution (September 1st deadline); Please reference Rule 2.5 for Lineup Change Rules

Rule 2.5: The names of competitors in sweep-oared, youth double, and collegiate-championship double entries need not be revealed until Wednesday, October 12, 2016 by which time, crew lineups must be completed online…

Event Minimums

Rule 3.4 Event Division Sizes: In addition to Charity Program and Extra entries, the Regatta shall accept up to 1250 sweep-oared entries, 500 singles entries, 220 doubles entries with allowed minimums of 15 in each event-divisions, and a maximum of 85 in any one event-division subject to Rule 3.2.B.

     Senior Veteran I/II and Grand Veteran Sculling Divisions will be regarded as a single event division in each gender.

Beyond each event-division’s allowed minimum or its number of received guaranteed entry applications, whichever is greater, and subject to the above cited maximum, the number of non-guaranteed entries accepted into an event-division shall be determined by the event-division’s proportional share of the remaining non-guaranteed entry applications received for its “boat type” (e.g., singles or doubles).