Rules and Regulations

2016 Official Rule Changes

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Changes for the 2015 Regatta:

**3.1. Sculling (Singles/Doubles) Entry Acceptance: On the basis of winning a Special Medal or finishing within the top 25% of finishers in an event-division in which they competed in the preceding year, single scullers are guaranteed entry acceptance into the singles event of their choice, provided all conditions of eligibility, deadlines, fees, etc., are met. Except for variances, which only the Managing Directors may grant, a blind draw in early August shall determine all other entry acceptances as follows: Single scullers who in the preceding year were not accepted, did not apply, or who placed outside the top 25% but within the top 50% (based on entries) in their event-division, will be drawn first, followed by those whose finish was outside the top 50% in their event-division. The singles draw will take place in early August.
**Effective with the results of the 2015 Regatta

3.3. Extra Entries: As compensation for providing operational assistance to the Regatta, the Managing Directors may grant the acceptance of one extra (but “non-point earning”) entry to each of a limited number of local institutions into the sweep-oared event-division of the institution’s choice. Extra entries are not eligible to earn a guaranteed entry, and may be used by Alumni crews as designated by the head undergraduate coach.

10.9. Public Urination is strictly forbidden at all times and will result in the disqualification of the offending crew.