Rules and Regulations

2013 Rulebook Available Here

2013 Official Rule Changes

Please see below for a summary of the 2013 Official Head Of The Charles Regatta rule changes.

Rule 1.1H: Club Eligibility

New: Eligibility status with regards to EAWRC Sprints and Women’s Ivy League Sprints

Rule 1.2: College Championship Doubles/Fours/Eights

Clarification: College-Championship Double Eligibility rules

Rule 1.6: Youth Singles/Doubles

New: Addition of unique Youth 1x event

Rule 1.20: Lightweight Singles

Clarification: No athletes enrolled in high school

Rule 1.22: Championship Singles/Doubles/Fours/Eights

Clarification: No athletes enrolled in high school

Rule 2.1: Sculling (Singles/Doubles) Entry Application

New: Youth 2x and College-Championship 2x Entry Application rules

Clarification: College-Championship Guaranteed Entry rules

New: College-Championship Line-Up deadline change (October 1)

Rule 2.2: Sweep-oared  (Fours/Eights) Entry Application

New: IRC Registrants must be 21 years of age or older

Rule 2.4: International Entry Application Process

New: Entry Application process for crews outside of North America

Rule 3.1: Sculling (Singles/Doubles) Entry Acceptance

New: Guaranteed entries for Youth 1x

Rule 3.7: Personal Competition Limit

New: Invitational Exhibition Entries

Rule 3.10: Seeding/Starting Order

Clarification: College-Championship Doubles seeding

Section 9. Rules of Racing: Starting has been restructured for improved clarity. Coaches and competitors are responsible for familiarizing themselves with Starting Rules. Specific Rule changes listed below:

Rule 9.2A: Competitor Identification – Visual

Clarification: Visual Competitor Identification requirements (bibs and bow cards)

Rule 9.2B: Competitor Identification – Verbal

Clarification: Verbal Competitor Identification in the Starting Basin

Rule 9.6: Equipment Failure Prior to Start

Clarification: Protocol for competitors who lose their bow marker or experience equipment breakage prior to the Start

Rule 10.3: Buoys During Racing

New: 5-second penalty for first buoy violation; 10-seconds for every subsequent buoy violation

Rule 11.3: Appeals Process

Clarification: Appeals submission process