Para-Rowing Events

The Para-Rowing events will be raced over the full 3-mile Head Of The Charles course.  Please read below for qualifications to participate in these events.


LTA 4+ Mixed Gender (Legs, Trunk, and Arms):

All athletes in this event, excluding the coxswain, must have a verifiable and permanent disability and meet the minimum requirements for classification as LTA-PD (Leg, trunk, and arms–physical disability) or LTA-VI (Leg, trunk, and arms–visual disability).

Crews in this event are mixed and may not have more than two male rowers. Coxswains may be of either gender. LTA 4+ crews may not have more than two rowers who are classified as LTA-VI.

Coxed four hulls used in LTA Mixed 4+ events shall be subject to the same restrictions as those for coxed fours (4+) under the HOCR Rules of Racing. No additional restrictions shall apply.

** Does not include LTA-ID (Intellectual Disability)

TA 2x Mixed/Same Gender (Trunk and Arms):

All athletes in this event must have a verifiable and permanent disability and meet the minimum requirements for classification as TA (trunk and arms) or AS (arms and shoulders).

Crews with AS rowers are required to be fitted with standard stabilizing pontoons that touch the water. AS and TA rowers must comply with the strapping requirements for AS and TA competition. Crews are expected to provide their own equipment to meet these specifications.

AS and TA rowers must comply with strapping requirements outlined in Equipment Specifications.

Inclusion 2x (Limited to 5 crews):

Crews in this event include one athlete with a verifiable and permanent physical or visual and one athlete without any qualifying disability. Inclusion crews may be mixed or same gender.

Age Restriction: Competitors must, at a minimum, be enrolled in high school. There is no age maximum and no age handicap.


There are a number opportunities for athletes to become classified across the US each year. To avoid delays in the verification process, athletes should complete the classification process as soon as possible. Questions regarding classifications in the US may be directed to International crews should refer to their national governing body.


Interested participants must be able to complete a three-mile course in 30 minutes or less. If you are uncertain of the competitive level of your crew, please contact


The LTA Mixed 4+ and TA Mixed/Same 2x race times for 2016 are TBD. A starting gap between the three events will be posted on the race schedule.


Registration for both events will be done through RegattaCentral.  While the event is no longer invitational, please reference experience of the potential line-up (including any past results).

On-site Registration will be handled directly by the AOC. All competitors must sign a waiver. Competitors under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the waiver.


See FISA for more information regarding athletes eligibility and equipment specifications for all other para and adaptive categories,

Appendix 13 Event Regulations and/or Departures from FISA Rules of Racing

All competitors are expected to provide their own equipment.


AS and TA Doubles must launch from the designated AS/TA 2x launch site. LTA Mixed 4+s and Inclusion 2xs may launch from alternate sites.


First Place Medals only will be awarded at the Sunday Awards Ceremony at Attager Row.


All competitors are expected to adhere to the Official Head Of The Charles Rules of Racing.