Race Course


6.1. Race Course Description:

The race course starts at the Boston University Boathouse and goes almost immediately under the combination of a railroad trestle bridge and the B.U. Bridge.  It then proceeds through 5 (five) triple-arch bridges to the Finish Line approximately 3 miles upstream.

While the railroad trestle bridge’s second arch from the right (Cambridge shore) is the mandated lane and the center arch of the five remaining bridges is the preferred route over the rest of the course, the right (closest to Cambridge shore) arch of four of those remaining bridges may be used when a center arch appears too congested, the exception being the Lars Anderson Bridge (by Harvard’s Weld Boathouse), whose right (closest to the Cambridge shore) arch is out of bounds.  Going through the right arch (closest to Cambridge shore) of the Lars Anderson bridge (by Harvard’s Weld Boathouse) and the Boston University Railroad Trestle Bridge or going through any bridge’s left (closest to the Boston shore) arch, will result in a 60-second penalty in addition to any buoy violation penalties incurred by doing so.

6.2. Race Course Boundaries:

From the coxswain’s view on the race course from the start line, the right hand shore (to starboard) is the Cambridge shore and the left hand shore (to port) is the Boston shore.  The Race Course is bounded by a continuous line of orange buoys to port (Boston side) and an intermittent line of green buoys to starboard (Cambridge side).  Where there are no green buoys, the Cambridge shore is the right side boundary of the course.

6.3. Coxswain’s Clinic:

All coxswains in the Club and Youth events are strongly advised to attend the Coxswain’s Clinics, on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21    Time and location to be posted on the website.