Waivers and Rosters


How To Complete Rosters and Waiver


All athletes (including single and double scullers) must complete a waiver online through RegattaCentral. All waivers and rosters must be completed by Wednesday, October 8, 2014. Below, please find directions on how to submit waivers, rosters, and line-ups.

Coaches are responsible for requiring all named crew members to sign a waiver online by October 8th and for ensuring that all substitute athletes are listed in their RegattaCentral rosters with signed waivers. To check athlete waiver status, login to your RegattaCentral account and select “waiver status and instruction” on the homepage.


Prior to distributing the waiver link to athletes, coaches should ensure that all athletes are listed on their rosters. To check the status of your RegattaCentral roster, log-in and select “roster” from the appropriate affiliation. From this page, you can add athletes or edit their existing information. It is imperative that coaches use the correct date of birth and last name for athletes listed in their roster to ensure an error-free waiver process.


Once the roster is complete, select “Waiver Status and Instructions” from either the RegattaCentral homepage or the link to “Waivers” on the left hand side of the page. This page will provide additional instructions on how to easily view an athlete’s waiver status. The waiver link is available on this page on RegattaCentral or online at waivers.regattacentral.com/hocr2014.

 For assistance with waivers and rosters, please contact RegattaCentral,

available weekdays from 9AM-5PM at 614-360-2922.


To submit your athlete line-ups (Fours and Eights only), log-in to RegattaCentral and select the appropriate entry. You may make edits to the line-up on the subsequent page.