Vehicular Parking

Onsite Parking

Parking onsite over Regatta Weekend is extremely limited. Whenever possible, we highly suggest using public transportation.

Birmingham Parkway (link)

Free, on-street parking. Parkway runs next to I-90 and is accessible from Market Street off of Soldiers Field Road or from Soldiers Field Road and Route 20 intersection near Community Rowing.

Available: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – October 20, 21, & 22 – NO PARKING AFTER 6PM

Shuttle: Shuttle runs from Birmingham Parkway to the FALS/Rowing and Fitness Expo area

Alewife T Station (link)

Accessible from Route 2 off of I-95. Garage with parking for 2,733 cars and Red Line T service to Harvard Square, a short walk to the river and the Weld Exhibition/Reunion Village area.

Available: 7 days a week, 24 hours

Cost: $7/day, $8 overnight



Harvard Stadium, Gate 14 (link)

Accessible off of Soldiers Field Road heading East.  Parking will be available for approx. 500 cars. Location is across from the FALS/Rowing and Fitness Expo area

Available: Friday (12PM – 5PM), Saturday and Sunday (6AM – 5PM both days).

Parking Fee: $30/day