2023 Onsite Registration Guide

Registration information can be found below.  Please expand the sections to view information and if you have any questions please email

  • Hours & Location

    Hours & Location

    Monday, October 16: 6pm – 8pm at 1120 Soldiers Field Rd, Allston MA 02134

    Tuesday, October 17: 6pm – 8pm at 1120 Soldiers Field Rd, Allston MA 02134

    Wednesday, October 18: 6pm – 8pm at 1120 Soldiers Field Rd, Allston MA 02134

    Thursday, October 19: 3:00pm – 7:00pm at the Attager Registration Tent

    Friday, October 20: 12:00pm – 6:00pm at the Attager Registration Tent

    Saturday, October 21: 7:30AM to 12:00pm at the Attager Registration Tent

    Competitors must register at least 3 hours before their race.

  • Waivers and Rosters


    All US-based athletes will need to hold at least a basic membership from USRowing. If you have already signed the USRowing waiver this year, then you are all set. To read more and purchase a USRowing membership, please click HERE.
    International athletes will need to sign a waiver through a RegattaCentral portal. Please click HERE to complete the waiver.


    Line-Ups must be completed through your RegattaCentral before arriving at Onsite Registration. The deadline for finalizing your lineup is October 14th. Scullers are reminded that lineups in 1x and 2x events cannot be changed after the time of entry application, with the sole exception of the Youth 1x, Youth 2x, Para Inclusion 2x, and College-Championship 2x crews.

    A representative from a team may come to collect packets. This individual will be considered responsible for those competitor packets. Changes to line-ups and/or missing waivers will result in a delay in pick-up. All 1x scullers and one representative from each 2x scull must attend Registration. Scullers racing Unaffiliated must bring proof of USRowing Championship level membership.

  • Weigh-In

    Hours & Location

    Lightweight teams must also register for a time to collect their packet. The Weigh-In tent is located within the Attager registration tent at FALS.

    2023 Weigh-In Hours:

    Friday, October 20: 12pm – 6pm

    Saturday, October 21: 7:30am – 3pm

    All lightweight rowers are required to weigh in prior to claiming the registration packet

    Coxswains are on their honor to meet the 100 lb. weight minimum, and we will not be weighed.

    Weigh-In Rules:

    • Competitors must present a valid photo ID – Passport, State Drivers License, etc. – prior to stepping on the scale. For sweep boats, all boat members must be present with their valid photo IDs in order for the boat to weigh in. No exceptions.
    • Competitors must be dressed in appropriate racing attire. No exceptions.
    • All rowers and coxswains must be present by boat. Any competitor that does not make weight will be permitted to make additional attempts. Coxswains are not required to weigh in. If a competitor requires additional weigh-in attempts, only the athlete who has not made weight must weigh-in again.
    • Only competitors rowing in singles and doubles events are permitted to weigh in on Friday. All competitors may weigh in on Saturday, with priority given to competitors rowing in singles and doubles events. Sunday weigh-in by appointment only. (this one may not be needed if crews can reserve times via Eventbrite)