It is the responsibility of Coaches and Athletes to be familiar with Regatta Rules and Guidelines for Entry and Racing at the Global Remote Event.

  • Section 1: Specifications - General Rules

    1.0. Specifications

    (the age of a rower is determined as of December 31 of the current calendar year)

    1.1. Youth Athletes

    Persons enrolled in high school.

    1.2. Under-17 Athletes

    Persons under the age of 17.

    1.3. Master Athletes:

    At least 30 years old.

    1.4. Senior-Master Athletes:

    At least 40 years old.

    1.5. Grand-Master Athletes:

    At least 50 years old.

    1.6. Veteran Athletes:

    At least 60 years old (no handicap).

    1.7. Senior Veteran:

    At least 70 years old (no handicap).

    1.8. Grand-Veteran Athletes:

    At least 80 years old (no handicap).

    1.9. Lightweight Athletes:

    Men: not over 160 lbs. Women: not over 130 lbs. No person enrolled in high school. Athletes are on their honor to compete at or under-weight.

    1.10. Championship/Open Athletes:

    No person enrolled in high school.

  • Section 2: 2021 Implications - General Rules

    2.0. 2021 IMPLICATIONS

    2.1. Course Records

    Any times submitted from the Charles River course, or any other course, will not be considered as a course record in 2020. Course records are only recognized with a full buoyed course and Regatta Officials during HOCR weekend.

    2.2. Guaranteed Entries

    All guaranteed entries and finish times from the 2019 Regatta will be honored in the 2021 race. All athletes who medically deferred their entry in 2019 will have the opportunity to race in 2021 but must first confirm their intent to row in writing with the HOCR office. Results from or participation in the Global Virtual event will have no bearing on the 2021 draw.

  • Section 3: Registration - Live Racing

    3.0. Registration

    3.1. Athlete Registration

    This event is open to all competitors across the world. Registration for the LIVE event will be open from September 1 – October 10 on RegattaCentral.

    Registrants for the live event will receive confirmation from RegattaCentral and instructions on live-streaming in October.

    3.2. Personal Competition Limits:

    Athletes may participate in all components of the HOCR week and are permitted to compete more than once in the live event.

  • Section 4: Rules of Racing - Live Racing

    4.0. Rules of Racing

    4.1 Equipment

    Athletes are required to race on a Concept2 ergometer with either a PM3, PM4, or PM5 monitor. In order to participate in the live event, athletes must comply with all instructions from Time-Team when connecting the monitor to a computer.

    4.2 Racing Attire

    All athletes must wear appropriate racing attire while streaming on camera, including a shirt and shorts. Unisuits and bodysuits are allowed. Attire containing offensive language or imagery will not be permitted and athletes will be disqualified if these are worn on camera.

    4.4 Results Verification

    All results will be available immediately by Time-Team and will be displayed on RegattaCentral. Race Officials will be present in each event to ensure correct times and fair racing.

    4.5 Medical Guidelines

    Participation in the Global Remote Event is at your own risk. Please consult your doctor before participating. Should you feel that you are no longer able to compete in the Global Remote Event, you can withdraw your entry by emailing

    We strongly recommend you do not compete alone. At the very minimum, alert someone of your race start time and check-in with them when you finish.

  • Section 5: Rules of Racing - Participatory Erg

    5.0. Rules of Racing

    5.1 Equipment

    Athletes may race the 4702m on any rowing machine with a sliding seat, handle, and monitor. The machine must produce at least the standard units for rowing, including total meters, total time, split/500m, and stroke rate.

    5.2 Results Submission

    After racing, athletes must submit their time including the required standard units outlined in rule 5.1 directly to RegattaCentral. Results will be compiled and posted by the final day of racing: Sunday October 18.

    5.3 Medical Guidelines
    All competitors are expected to review and comply by the medical guidelines outlined in rule 4.5.

  • Section 6: Boston Area Rowers - Participatory Water

    6.0. Boston Area Rowers

    6.1 Launching

    Athletes are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing on the docks and wear a mask when not in the boat. Athletes and teams are very strongly discouraged from traveling out of state to the Charles River to complete their race.

    6.2. Equipment

    (A) Each crew, single, or double is responsible for having a protective “ball” on the bow of the boat.
    (B) Each crew or single or double sculler rowing in a shell equipped with flexible sole shoes attached to the foot stretchers is responsible for making sure that the heels of the shoes are attached to the stretchers by a method that allows for quick exit in case of emergency.
    (C) Athletes must use any GPS device that exports .gpx, .fit, or .tcx file and register in advance with RegattaCentral to race the 4702m course. Participants will upload their .gpx, .fit, or .tcx file to Time-Team via a personal invite that will be sent to the mail you submitted with the entry. Results will be displayed both on the Time-Team website and RegattaCentral.

    6.3 Rules of the River

    All normal Charles River traffic rules apply during the race week including Bridge arch rules. Please note that the River Street and Western Avenue Bridges central arches are UPSTREAM-ONLY from Labor Day to Thanksgiving.

    Athletes are permitted to row the HOCR course or may race any consecutive 4702m anywhere on the river.

  • Section 7: Non-Boston Rowers - Participatory Water

    7.0 Non-Boston Rowers

    7.1 Launching and Racing Rules

    Athletes are encouraged to practice social distancing while launching, including complying by any local face covering laws and guidelines.
    Competitors are expected to comply by their respective body of water’s traffic pattern and rules.

    7.2 Equipment

    All competitors must comply by the equipment requirements outlined in Rule 6.2.

    7.3 Medical Guidelines

    All competitors must comply by the medical guidelines outlined in Rule 4.5.

    7.4 Row at Your Own Risk

    When competing in the Global Remote Event, all competitors in singles are expected to be capable of rowing on their own, including competency in flipping procedures and racing etiquette. There will be no race officials during the race week, and all athletes are expected to uphold good sportsmanship and safety precautions. Any boat or team that shows blatant disregard for safety will be severely penalized.