About Us


At Head Of The Charles, we strive to make each year’s event more sustainable. We will have zero single-use plastic water bottles available for purchase, and we strongly encourage all competitors and spectators to carry a reusable water bottle. Any food or drink bought on-site is fully compostable and/or recyclable. When you’ve finished your lunch, take your trash to one of our waste stations, complete with recycling, compost, and landfill options.

HOCR will be providing collection containers for food waste and compostable packaging, in addition to recycling and trash. All registered food vendors will be selling their products in compostable packaging. We will also be capturing plastic film generated during vendor set up for recycling.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, HOCR volunteers will be stationed up and down the river to help make sure all waste gets sorted appropriately.

Measurable Results

HOCR Sustainability initiatives have yielded significant reductions in trash going to the landfill. This is due in large part to our focus and support for composting and recycling.